Too much information!

11 Jan

While I was finishing up my first manuscript (2009), self-pubbing was coming into its own.  There were a few choices out there and they were getting positive publicity. As a technologically challenged newbie without any tech savvy teenagers  left at home to rely on to help me through this vast new wonderland, I made two decisions: one, to self-publish because of the higher royalties (20% at the time vs. 7-10% from a traditional publisher), and two, to use an assisted self publishing company, as I had no idea how to format, get an ISBN, set up social media sites or platform build.  I was pleased with the results. My debut novel, “Quintspinner – A Pirate’s Quest” was shortlisted for 2010 Sask Book Awards for Best New Book, and it has gathered 4 and 5 star reviews.

In the time since, self publishing options have exploded faster than a head count at a rabbit farm in the spring, and now I face a new dilemma: which self publishing path to go on this time? Soft covers as well, or ebooks only? Create Space, directly to Kindle, Smashwords? Every day I have favorite blogs to read and learn from but the information put forth is so abundant that I wallow in confusion still.  Which has the best distribution? Which gives the best payback to an author? Which is the most user-friendly? Should I upload to a combination of sites?

What has been your experience? What do you chose to do and why?

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