Pirates on Wattpad: A Little R & R (Rum and Rowdiness) in the Golden Age of Piracy

24 Sep

My first novel, Quintspinner, is set in the 1700’s and true-to-life pirates figure predominantly in the story. When I am asked to give author talks, one of the audiences’ favorite parts is when I speak of juicy little tidbits and gnarly bits of details concerning life back then. It certainly wasn’t for sissies! And today, I am a featured author on Wattpad with a blog post over there about “grog”, the infamous drink of pirates and sailors alike. Drop by there and have a read, why doncha? You’ll find plenty of top-notch stories to read there ( ahem, mine’s there too) and they’re all FREE!! Give it a look on this gorgeous autumn day. Right here: http://blog.wattpad.com/post/32201140296/a-little-r-and-r-rum-and-rowdiness-in-the-golden


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