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A First Look at Quintspinner

29 Jul

Have you heard of spinner rings? They are fashioned after ancient Tibetan prayer rattles, which were thought to give users powers of manifestation. I have a new novel available for those who like mystery, romance, action, and intrigue: Quintspinner – A Pirate’s Quest. Here’s an excerpt for you to enjoy. The time has come. A Quintspinner has been found. The woman inhaled a deep shuddering breath and her eyes flew open as she stabbed a bony finger at Tess and hissed, “The rings will seek ye. Pay attention to the inner voice, Quintspinner.” Her eyes narrowed and she continued in a hushed voice, “It is the only sense to trust.” Tess sat quietly on the stool, made speechless by the Crone’s story. Cassie, however, spoke first. “That’s a fine story, it is. A fine yarn for scaring us. Spinner indeed! Tess doesn’t even have a ring, if you haven’t noticed. And she’s not bloody likely to find one in the marketplace, is she now?” “She has the mark. They will come,” the Crone said simply. A sudden loud knock on the door made both girls jump. A wisp of fear flickered in the Crone’s eyes and then was gone, replaced by a look of grim expectancy. “Into the back room with ye both!” she whispered. “Hide so as not to be found.” The knock sounded again, this time louder and more impatiently. The Crone grabbed Tess by her arm.”Ye’ll come to know things, Quintspinner. Do not doubt the inner voice. It will not fail ye, if ye choose to hear it.” The knock swelled into a fierce pounding.

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